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Our Philosophy on Training

K9 Etiquette uses positive training methods to train your dog to become the family friend you’ve always desired. We will help you understand your dog’s mind & actions resulting in less frustrations for both you and your dog. Come see how much fun training can be!

Our facility uses a positive training method known as clicker training. It is based on the idea that when a behavior is rewarded it will be repeated. Although this method of training was established with marine animals it is still very effective with dogs. They find it fun and mentally stimulating. Dogs learn through two methods.

The first is classical conditioning which is when a dog understands a simple association such as the sound of the bell means they will receive food. As a result the dog will salivate at the sound of the bell whether or not there is the scent of food in the air.

The second is operant conditioning. This is when a dog understands that performing a particular behavior results in a particular response. For example if a dog walks up to a person and sits the person will pet them and not turn away.Clicker training works by establishing a marker signal, the click.  The marker signal is a conditioned reinforcer which tells the dog a reward is coming.  Most often the reward is a treat. The click is a great marker because it is not heard in normal day conversation and sounds the same no matter who is using it. Once this association is made it is easy to communicate to the dog which behavior you liked. You click as the desired behavior occurs and then reward them after. The dog will then learn that desired behaviors are rewarded and will begin to offer them for you. Although clicker training works great with the majority of dogs and owners there are some instances in which different methods need to be used. In these situations we will find a different positive method that works for both you and your dog.


Training Services:

  • Group and Private Lesson

  • Self Paced at Home Training Programs

  • Consulting

  • General Obedience

  • Behavior Modification

  • Possession and Fear Aggression

  • Dog-Dog Aggression

  • Reactivity

Self-Paced at Home Training Programs:

When life is busy it may feel impossible for you to commit to training your dog. At home, self-paced training programs can be the perfect solution for you. Receive life long access to recorded training videos along with 8 week access to a certified trainer to provide feedback and guidance all at an affordable price. 

Available Group Classes:


Group lessons are provided in multiple week sessions. Class sizes are small which still allows individual attention as well as questions.  After each lesson students will be provided a homework sheet which reviews the topics covered in that class allowing them to easily practice at home.

Next class session: Puppy Kindergarten 12/8 & Obedience 1/7

Pre-registration required for group lessons. Click on individual class links below for class descriptions and registration forms


Puppy Kindergarten

Canine Obedience

Level One Obedience & Basic Impulse Control

Private Lessons:


Private lessons are available for those students who have specific problems that either need more attention than provided in a group class or that are not covered in class. These lessons are also available for people who desire complete individual attention or who’s dogs would not do well in a group setting.

Initial Consults are 75-90 minutes.  Follow up lessons will be 45-60 minutes and booked every 2 to 3 weeks until your problems have resolved. In person private lessons are available at our facility in South Hadley and/or at East Longmeadow Animal Hospital. 

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