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Medical Release Form

Please fill out the following form to help us understand your physical condition.

K9 Etiquette believes that our number one priority is to insure that your pet remains safe and well cared for while in our care. We do our best to have all pets screened for pre-existing health conditions but some factors may be beyond our control. In the event that a medical emergency arises while a pet is at our facility it is imperative that we are immediately able to get them medical treatment. Upon a medical emergency K9 Etiquette will first contact the owner of the pet. If the owner is unable to be reached K9 Etiquette will then attempt to contact the emergency contact person on record. If K9 Etiquette is unable to reach either contact person at the time of the emergency or if the contact person is unable to return to the facility in a timely fashion K9 Etiquette will call ahead to the veterinary offices in closest proximity geographically to us to insure that they can handle the emergency present. The pet will then be rushed to the closest available veterinarian for treatment. Our goal is to get your pet medical attention as quickly as humanly possible. For that reason, it is a requirement to have all pet parents signs this form.

By typing my name below I agree that "I understand that in the event of a medical emergency that K9 Etiquette, at its sole discretion, deems to need the immediate attention of a licensed veterinarian, I authorize K9 Etiquette to seek medical attention at the closest available veterinary facility. I further agree that I am financially responsible for any medical treatment my pet(s) receives as a result of a medical emergency while attending services provided by K9 Etiquette."

Thanks for submitting!

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