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Dog Daycare

Is dog daycare right for your dog?

Dog daycare is a safe environment where your dog is allowed to play and socially interact with other dogs under close supervision of a trained staff.

Why is daycare beneficial to your dog?

Dogs are instinctually pack animals.  As a result they have a strong desire to socialize with not only peoples but other dogs.  Dog daycare provides an opportunity for your dog to be part of a pack.  Since all the dogs are closely monitored during playtime appropriate interactions with other dogs and people with be reinforced along with obedience commands and structure.  It is also a great way to provide additional exercise for your dogs since they will be playing and wrestling with friends for the majority of the day.  Daycare isn’t just for dogs who want to find their dog best friend it can also be the perfect solution for your dog if they are shy or suffer from separation anxiety.  Daycare can also help prevent destructive behaviors caused by boredom and provide your dog a huge stress relief through exercise and play.

How will dog daycare benefit your life?

Do you ever feel bad that your dog doesn’t have a canine best friend to romp around with?  Do you every feel your life has become too busy to juggle everything? Or do you work one or two long days a week resulting in a guilty feeling as you walk out the door leaving your dog home alone or crated all day?  If so dog daycare might be the answer to all your problems.  Now there is no need to walk your dog after an extra a long day at work.  Instead you’ll find your self snuggling up do your pup who’s calm and tired after a long day of playing with his canine best friends.

How do I enroll my dog in daycare?

All dogs need to pass an evaluation test prior to entering daycare.  In order to set up an evaluation owners must fill out and submit the application and release forms below.  Once you have filled out the forms contact K9 Etiquette by messaging us on Facebook, via email or texting 774-571-8010 to set up an evaluation test. This evaluation process is used to determine not only if daycare is appropriate for your dog but what type of play group they should be placed in.  After the evaluation is complete your dog may attend daycare on a regular basis but do realize that a limited number of dogs are admitted to daycare per day depending on size and play-style so book your reservations in advance.  We are always willing to take previously evaluated dog on a last minute basis if there is space for that day.

All dogs attending daycare…

  • must be vaccinated for Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper and Parvo Virus.  We also
    recommend that you discuss vaccinating your dog for the canine influnenza virus with your veterinarian.

  • must be over 4 months old.

  • must be spayed or neutered if over seven months old.

Please note: We will have daycare openings starting 11/26/23 Feel free to contact us to schedule your dog's temperament test before hand. Spots will be first come first serve

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